Ralph Reed

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For Old Times Sake

The New York Times has a story today on Ralph Reed's "political revival" after being brought down in his 2006 bid for Georgia lieutenant governor due to his ties to disgraced lobbyist, Jack Abramoff. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it does give us an excuse to play this ad by Campaign Money Watch that ran during the 2006 primary election.



Ralphie Run Out

We asked last week why Sen. John McCain, a guy who prides himself on a reputation as a "reformer" would attend a fundraiser that Ralph Reed -- buddy of Abramoff who profitted handsomely off the corrupt lobbyist's tribal casino scam -- helped pull together.

Reed It and Weep

Um, if your campaign is taking heat for being run and financed by a large circle of lobbyists, it's perhaps not the best idea to get Ralph Reed, FOA (Friend of Abramoff) Extraordinaire, to host a fundraiser for you. And yet, that's what Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is doing.

NPR Cites Reed Ads

NPR's Peter Overby analyzes the implications of Ralph Reed's loss, and cites our ad holding Reed accountable. Note: Overby attributes the ad to our sister organization, Public Campaign. Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project was responsible for the ad.

Ralph Reed Concedes

It's official, Ralph Reed has ended his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Read the statement by David Donnelly, Director, Campaign Money Watch, below:

Here is the AP story.


Waffles with a side of scandal, please

Waffle House in Georgia gave Ralph Reed -- and no one else as far as we can tell -- permission to post political signs at their restaurants.

Here's the letter, courtesy of PeachPundit.com (it's a pdf file).

Here's the letter we sent to the State Ethics Commission in Georgia asking to investigate the Waffle House letter to see if their policy constitutes an illegal campaign contribution.

Waffles? Well, if the syrup sticks.

Breaking: Reed trying to buy race with Abramoff money

Unrepentant Ralph Reed just "loaned" himself $500,000 for his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. With the primary next Tuesday, and will polls showing the race a nail-biter, Reed must be getting nervous.


Reed-Abramoff emails hit the fan

The National Journal is getting set to release a story with additional email traffic between Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff, according to an advance copy acquired by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jim Galloway. In one email from Reed to Abramoff, the now candidate from lieutenant governor agrees to help Abramoff in exchange for additional clients:


How About Loyalty to Reality?

Jay Bookman at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at Ralph Reed's troubled bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia and wonders whether loyalty from his base will win him the seat, or the reality of his ties to Abramoff will sink his chances.

Reed Pocketed $5.3 Million

The New York Times has more on the $5.3 million Ralph Reed made off of Jack Abramoff's Indian casino scam, plus another great photo from that Scotland golfing junket - a tableau of sleaze and pleated khakis.