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Romney: I’ll Share My Pro-Oil Energy Plan With My Donors, But Not the Press

“Mitt Romney returned to Texas oil country Tuesday to fuel his campaign coffers with nearly $7 million raised in just one day, largely with money from top energy industry executives,” according to a report from NBC news yesterday.

Meet The Renco Group, $1M Donor to Romney-aligned Restore Our Future Super PAC

By: Kurt Walters and Adam Smith

The Mitt Romney-aligned Restore Our Future super PAC raised roughly $7.5 million in July, according to a report filed yesterday with the Federal Election Commission. One of those donations was a $1 million check from the Renco Group, a New York-based holding company owned by billionaire Ira Rennert.

Is your gas money funding attack ads?

By: Nick Nyhart, president, Public Campaign Action Fund

Seniors to Sam Zell: Stop bankrupting us.

On Tuesday, more than a dozen senior citizens will travel from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and other states to Chicago to attend the shareholder meeting of Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), which owns their manufactured home lots. These seniors are going to confront the company’s chair, billionaire Sam Zell, who has refused to hear their concerns over practices driving them into hardship. They’re going because, as the Center for Community Change points out: