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Rick Perry's Texas-sized Favors for Big Donors

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And in the case of presidential hopeful Gov. Rick Perry's (R) treatment of his big money donors, this certainly seems to be the case. From doling out state contracts to friends who write big campaign checks to the emergence of Perry Super PACs run by close former associates, there's no shortage of material on the plain-spoken Texan.

Here's a glimpse of Perry's record so far:

Rick Perry sure can fundraise. It might be easier when a large chunk of his campaign money comes from your own appointee's.

New Ad Campaign to Benefit Scott Walker Has Corporate Ties

The Republican Governor’s Association has launched a television advertising campaign to defend Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his political fight to defund and dismantle public employee unions and to take away their bargaining rights. The advertising comes as a brand new New York Times/CBS News poll shows a majority of American voters oppose any weakening of these rights by nearly two to one.