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Feds Subpoena U.S. Family Network

Remember the U.S. Family Network? This is the operation run by by Ed Buckham, formally Tom DeLay's chief of staff, that reporteldy received most of its funding in the late 1990s from clients of Abramoff.

Now federal investigators have issued a subpoena for documents relating to the group, reports the National Journal.

Demand stations run our ad just released its analysis of our ad that is sitting gathering dust at Houston TV stations as station managers remain cowed by Tom DeLay's bullying.

Guess what? It's factual:

NBC News exposes lobbyist paid for DeLay travel to Russia

On last night's NBC's Nightly News:

The cost of DeLay's room, with all the amenities, was $295 a night. On the bill, charges for DeLay and his chief of staff are mixed with Abramoff's — room charges, sports pool bar, mini bar and phone, for a total of $3,302.50

Rules are pesky things, huh?

[Ed. note: I didn't notice that I was making a second post on this... since I've added some additional content from today's coverage, read down...]

Dole Calls On DeLay To Come Clean

Count former Sen. Bob Dole in the list of GOP eminent grises calling on Tom DeLay to come clean. "My advice would be the sooner you can get out and tell your story the better. Lay it all out," Dole told CNN's "Late Edition." "I think maybe the long knives are out for Tom DeLay," reports the New York Daily News.

Newsweek: Abramoff says DeLay knew everything and is lying


From Newsweek:

Lou Dubose answers the question "How does DeLay stay in power?"

Author/journalist Lou Dubose does some of the best, most thorough reporting on Tom DeLay and DeLay Inc. This morning he has a long piece in Salon (which you can read if you have a subscription or watch a trailer to a movie to get a day pass).

Here's Lou's quick answer to why DeLay is still in power:

Open Letter to Congress

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund sent this letter to every Member of Congress:

April 6, 2005

Dear Member of Congress:

Today two major newspapers report two more scandals swirling around House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. His scandals distract Congress from the important work before you. We urge you to ask Tom DeLay to step down from Congress so that you can concentrate on the job you came to Washington to do.

What the Post and Times found

The “Hammer” is being hammered by breaking stories in both the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Double Trouble for DeLay

Breaking news in Washington Post and New York Times:

Washington Post: A Third DeLay Travel Controversy

New York Times: Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader

More soon...