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Common Cause calls on the House Ethics Committee to investigate scandal

Common Cause is urging people to lobby the House Ethics Committee to investigate the lastest DeLay scandal. Allegedly, DeLay received travel expenses from a paid lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, who has been accused of bilking tens of millions of dollars from six Native American tribes.

Media Advisory

We just sent out this media advisory regarding tonight's 60 Minutes piece on Ronnie Earle and Tom DeLay.

UPDATE: Here's my quote:

Washington Post on Earle's 60 Minutes interview

Mike Allen and Sylvia Moreno of the Washington Post preview the 60 Minutes episode today entitled "The D.A. and Tom DeLay."

The key two paragraphs from my perspective:

Round up of other blogs commenting on DeLay this week

There's too much to list. But here are some of my favorites. If you want to suggest another link, post a comment or email me at ddonnelly [at] campaignmoney [dot] org.

Without commentary, priority, or endorsement of the ideas found therein, here are some postings to read:

Vulnerable at home:
Bull Moose
Off the Kuff

Taking Care Of Their Own

The Texas Observer reports that former TRMPAC Director John Colyandro has joined a nefarious group of lobbyists who continue their trade even after being indicted. Colyandro’s company includes two former chorines of former U.S. House Transportation Committee Chair Bud Shuster (R-Pa), who, according to the Observer, is "one of the few Congressmen who can match Tom DeLay’s record for ethics scandals."

WaPo: DeLay vulnerable in district

Last year, no one believed that DeLay was touchable in his district. A first-time candidate, Richard Morrison, wwas running against him, and DeLay had an enough cash advantage.

Raw Story has two stories (make it three)

The Raw Story reported two stories on DeLay, the first using info from National Journal story over the weekend by Peter Stone and the second linking DeLay to a supposedly nonpartisan outfit sending scare mail on Social Security.

More on civil trial

Austin American-Statesman (registration)

AP (DMN, registration)

Houston Chronicle

Off the Kuff

Keep up the pressure

Sign the petition to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick to keep the pressure on him to drop any attempt to cover up the investigation into the TRMPAC/DeLay scandal. So far, more than 4,200 people have signed on, and the national press is starting to pick upon this a little more.

Tell Craddick to drop efforts to stop Ronnie Earle's investigation

We launched a petition drive yesterday calling on Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick to drop any efforts to cover up or halt the investigation into the DeLay-related corporate fundraising scandal in Texas. Go sign, repost on your blog, or email it to your friends. Or all of the above.

As of this morning, more than 3,300 people have signed. Help keep up the momentum!