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Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor blasts Tom DeLay

On NPR this morning, Nina Totenberg covered a speech by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in which she took DeLay to task, not by name but by deed. Here's a partial transcript, courtesy of Raw Story: Interviews Michael Schiavo has an interview with Michael Schiavo on what he's doing know and his take on why some politicians (Tom DeLay for example) politicized and intruded upon his family's private matters and personal decisions.

Thursday News Round-up

All's Clear on the FEC Front?

The Federal Elections Commission plans to release the report of an audit that was done on Tom DeLay's political action committee ARMPAC, according to Philip Shenon of The New York Times. The audit looked into allegations of "illegal contributions" received in 2001 and 2002.

The DeLay and Schiavo Memo Connection

The Daily Kos reports a DeLay connection on the now infamous Schiavo memo--the one that the GOP has vehemently denied any authorship.

Turns out Sen. Mel Martinez's (R-FL) Chief Legal Counsel, Brian Darling, has admitted to authoring the memo. Mr. Darling used to be employed by the Alexander Strategy Group--a lobbying firm that was founded by DeLay former Chief of Staff Ed Buckham.

Maureen Dowd: The Passion of the Tom

WSJ Speaks, Hometown Paper Listens

When the Wall Street Journal speaks, the Houston Chronicle listens. In a news piece today, reporters Michael Hedges and Samantha Levine note that the critical WSJ editorial "took dead aim at [DeLay's] ethical conduct." They also point to stories that DeLay and his family decided to end life support for his father as potentially damaging, since it makes him look opportunistic in grabbing onto the Terri Schiavo case.

More reflection on WSJ editorial

The Wall Street Journal editorial below stops a hair's breadth short of calling on DeLay to step down.

Big money agenda is DeLay's agenda

With all the news focused on DeLay's use of the Terri Schiavo case as a distraction away from his scandals, it's important to get a reminder of the culture of Washington. And that's what you can find in today's Washington Post. Reporter Jim VandeHei profiles the gains business groups and interests seek from Congress, all greased with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

How many members of Congress knew this before following him on Schiavo?

Los Angeles Times:

DeLay's Own Tragic Crossroads

by Walter F. Roche Jr. and Sam Howe Verhovek

More editorials, news, and Media Matters pokes holes in GOP report

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