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Seattle Waits for '09

Looks like Seattle is going to wait a year before asking voters to approve a ballot measure to create a full public financing program for city council elections. A citizen's commission was formed to give a recommendation to the council on how to proceed in light of the passage of law giving municipalities the option to pursue Clean Elections-style public financing systems for their elections.

Chance to Run

Bob Ferguson, a King County Councilmember in Washington reflects on his first run for office, the money he needed to fund it, and the reason he supports a move towards full public financing of election in his county in this op-ed for the Seattle Times.

Coordinating Contributions

This Seattle Times article explains controversy around a series of donations made by firefighters unions that may have been coordinated to skirt contributions limits. Of particular interest are contributions to a Seattle City Council member, Tim Burgess who used to sit on the city ethics commission.

The timing of donations from the various unions around the state to candidates outside their districts raised red flags: