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Scott Brown: Subsidies My Big Oil Donors Get Don't Exist

Over the weekend, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) said that “Oil companies don’t get subsidies.” That’s, of course, not true.

Big Oil gets billions in subsidies every year and then rewards supportive members of Congress through campaign cash from their PACs and executives—and Brown is a recipient of that largesse.

Senators to Obama: Leave Oil Subsidies Alone!

On Thursday, a handful of Senators wrote a letter to President Obama that stated, “as you continue your negotiations, we urge you to remember the oil and gas industry is part of the solution.” Or, in other words, don’t single out big oil companies and their taxpayer subsidies as a way to reduce the deficit.

EDITORIAL: A Return on the Big Oil Campaign Cash Investment

"If only taxpayers had that kind of sway in Washington." The Mercury News hits the nail on the head in their editorial on the debate on tax subsidies for Big Oil.