Super Congress

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Supercommittee Member Pat Toomey Benefited from U.S. Chamber Money

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released its recommendations for the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, or “supercommittee.”

"Super Congress:" One Week Later, Pressure Mounts for Transparency, But is it Enough?

Since the creation of the so called "Super Congress" as part of the debt ceiling deal, pressure for the Joint Congressional Committee to conduct their work on further deficit reduction in a transparent way has increased.

The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and...It's a Lobbyist, It's a Campaign Check, It's a..."Super Congress!"

Here's a round-up of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's work for the week of Aug 1-Aug 5, 2011.

"12 really large checks"

"12 really large checks"

That’s how a lobbyist was quoted in a news story describing how he was preparing for the 12-member congressional deficit committee that will be charged with finding further ways to reduce the deficit.

DEBT DEAL: "Super Congress" Will Make Influencing-peddling That Much Easier

The "Super Congress" created in the debt ceiling deal to address additional spending cuts or revenues will make it cheaper for Wall Street, tax dodging corporations, and special interest lobbyists to influence the spending cuts and revenue debate in Washington, according to a statement from Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF).