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We shouldn't be making it harder to vote.

The U.S. Department of Justice blocked a Texas voter ID law today that would, as the DOJ noted, disproportionaly impact Hispanic voters.

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly said in a statement:

Owners of Texas chemical plant are big campaign donors

There was an explosion today at the Magnablend Chemical plant in Texas, leaving many concerned about possibility of dangerous gases going into the air.

Rick Perry's Texas-sized Favors for Big Donors

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And in the case of presidential hopeful Gov. Rick Perry's (R) treatment of his big money donors, this certainly seems to be the case. From doling out state contracts to friends who write big campaign checks to the emergence of Perry Super PACs run by close former associates, there's no shortage of material on the plain-spoken Texan.

Here's a glimpse of Perry's record so far:

Rick Perry sure can fundraise. It might be easier when a large chunk of his campaign money comes from your own appointee's.

"We will help you out."

UPDATE: No hoax. According to ZeroHedge, the man who approached Rick Perry is likely to be James Mahoney, Director of Public Policy at Bank of America (scroll down past the video).


The Lexus of Texas

We pay a lot of attention to how candidates bring money in for their campaign accounts -- but what about how it gets spent? The Houston Chronicle looks at the expenditures of Texas candidates after the election -- how they're using campaign cash to travel in style, eat like kings, and win brownie points via donations to local groups. Ah, campaign cash - the gift that keeps on giving.

Tom DeLay in Legal Limbo

The Houston Chronicle reports today that Tom DeLay continues to be in “legal limbo” that could damage him come the November elections. 

Another Brick In The Wall

Peter Cloeren, who himself has pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws, has been issued a subpoena by Travis County prosecutor Ronnie Earle. Earle wants records of contributions made by Cloeren's Citizens United Political Victory Fund to Tom DeLay.

From The Orange Leader in Orange, Texas:

DeLay's prospects down-graded

My two cents about DeLay's 'victory' yesterday

I know Rick wrote about this earlier, but I wanted to add my two cents...

In 2004, in the general election, DeLay received 55% of the vote. Yesterday, in a low turnout, only-the-faithful-voting primary election, he got 62%, only slightly better than where he was among all voters, Democrats included, a year and a half ago.

Election returns

You can get election returns as they are reported at the Texas Secretary of State's website.

For TX-22 GOP primary, go here.

For TX-28 Democratic primary, go here.