Tom DeLay

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Tom DeLay sentenced to three years in prison

Tom DeLayDisgraced former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) was sentenced today to three years in prison "on the charge of conspiring to launder corporate money into political donations during the 2002 elections," according to the Austin Statesmen.


2010's Top 10 Money and Politics Stories

By: David Donnelly and Adam Smith

Whether it was apologizing to BP, the Fair Elections Now Act passing out of a U.S. House committee, or the Supreme Court declaring that corporations were people when it comes to spending money in elections, 2010 was a big year for news about money in the political process. Here's our top ten list. Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Tom DeLay convicted

Disgraced former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) was "convicted Wednesday on charges he illegally funneled corporate money to Texas candidates in 2002."


We've covered Tom DeLay extensively on this blog over the years. Check out our archive.


Ring of Truth

If you've missed news on former Rep. Tom DeLay and his assorted misdeeds (and who hasn't?) cheer yourself up with this bit of satire on his complaints about the judge assigned to his Texas trial on money laundering and corruption charges: "It just wouldn't be right if we had an actual trial in Texas, this is about power and money not honesty and integrity."

Interview with Robert Greenwald

The Progressive States Network has an interview up with Robert Greenwald, the man behind Brave New Films which put out The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress, about the DeLay scandals and the centerpiece of a big day to promote public financing of elections last year. Read about Greenwald's interest in pursuing the Tom DeLay story, his grassroots approach to film distribution, and his support for full public financing of elections.

Please "Hammer," Don't Hurt 'Em

Help, I'm pinned under about a ton of irony: indicted former Rep. Tom DeLay is participating in a panel discussion on campaign tactics and ethics. All of you aspiring to a political career marked by corrupting greed and resignation in disgrace, mark your calendars.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Indictments

After a decade of buying power and influence on the Hill, former Rep. Tom DeLay's ARMPAC (Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committe) is going out of business says Paul Kane at Capitol Briefing. The subject of intense legal scrutiny, the activities of ARMPAC, and its local offshoot TRMPAC, placed purveyor Tom DeLay in hot water from which he has yet to escape.


Lobbying and How It Got That Way

On Sunday The Washington Post ran the first in what is to be a 25-part profile on the growth the lobbying industry in Washington through the eyes of top Washington lobbyist Gerald Cassidy. Intended to be an analysis of how Cassidy rose through the ranks to become a player in DC, all the while helping to transform lobbying into the access-buying influence game it is today, it ought to be an illuminating peak at an industry under fire in the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandal.

A Donor's a Donor

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari is a generous guy. Since 2002, he's given $15,250 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. And yesterday he was charged with funding a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

Drilling for Dollars

Remember our old pal Tom DeLay? Though he’s been out of Congress for quite a few months now, his influence and backroom dealings live on, according to a new report by Public Citizen released today.