Tom DeLay

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Media Coverage on DeLay

Public Campaign Action Fund was part of a multi-organization press conference yesterday to talk about the DeLay resignation. Below are links to the stories stemming from the press call (David is quoted in a few):


Austin American-Statesman

Will DeLay's Legal Defense Fund Get a Windfall?

Tom DeLay can transfer money from his campaign fund to his legal defense fund and use it for his upcoming money-laundering trial, reports the AP. As of February 15, DeLay had nearly $1.3 million cash on hand. We'll be watching. 


DeLay's K Street Legacy

Here is Tom DeLay, telling Time Magazine about his proudest "achievement"--capturing K Street for the Republicans.


DeLay Timeline

Check out Tom DeLay's hometown paper, the Houston Chronicle, for a timeline on his ethical and legal woes leading to his resignation.


The Hammer is Dead, Long Live the ....?

As soon as Tom DeLay announced his resignation, the chattering started about who would replace him--and how.



DeLay not seeking reelection, will resign

Tom DeLay will not seek reelection, according to TIME. A year and a half ago, we came to the conclusion that Tom DeLay was not fit for public office. His fundraising excesses led to numerous Ethics Committee violations in early October 2004. We asked our members, "Should we engage in a public education campaign in Tom DeLay's district? And they responded resoundingly "Yes!"



Connecting the DeLay Dots Via Questerra

A must read story in the Houston Chronicle connecting the dots on how the DeLay machine worked: utilizing former staff, hired gun Jack Abramoff, and the now defunct lobbying firm the Alexander Strategy Group.

Dissecting Rudy's plea: Looking at the timeline

Paul Kane of Roll Call (subscription req'd) writes up something that has been on my mind all weekend: Just how long did these illegal activities go on while these staffers were in Tom DeLay's office paid for by our tax dollars? As one reader emailed, will the "Sargeant Schultz defense" -- "I saw nothing!" -- work for Tom DeLay? Not very credible, particularly with Ed Buckham's plea coming next, and with all the fundraising lines in and out of DeLay's committees.



I'll admit it. My kids have a hard time understanding exactly what I do for a living. They know I sit in front of a computer, talk on the phone a lot, and do something about Tom DeLay, but they have a hard time understanding that, as compared to their friends parents who are teachers, lawyers, etc. Maybe this poem by Hart Seely, which appeared in the New York Times, can help?


Here's a small portion -- but go read it all.


This is the Jack,

Rudy's lobbying trail

Another tip on Tony Rudy's factual proffer. In violation of the Ethics statutes with he lobbied "the leadership staff of Representative #2 on legislation affecting automobile emissions." Representative #2, remember is Tom DeLay. During that time, Rudy was a registered lobbyist for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. How much has Tom DeLay raised from automobile makers?