Tom DeLay

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Is this what brings DeLay down?

Just got this tip from a reader:


In his proffer, Rudy admits violating the Ethics In Government Act's one-year lobbying ban on former senior Hill staffers by soliciting from DeLay's office "support for legislation providing for reparations payments to certain U.S. citizens from assets in [the] United States of foreign companies and governments."



Details emerge

In Tony Rudy's factual proffer, he stipulated that this was true:


9. The things of value corruptly given to Rudy and others included, but were not limited to, repeated travel, golf fees, frequent restaurant meals, entertainment, election support for candidates for government and employment for relatives of officials.


More information on Rudy guilty plea

TPMMuckraker is on top of this as always. Here is the Information document, and here is TPPM's analysis. They think there's no conclusive evidence that DeLay, who is mentioned as "Representative #2" in the document, is on or off the hook. Rep. Bob Ney, though, is another matter. There's also no mention of Ed Buckham, for those of you keeping score at home.

Context on Rudy pleading

We’ll likely see the Tony Rudy pleading document later today, and in it there will be more details. For now, here’s some quick analysis:


DeLay Aide Agrees To Plead Guilty In Lobbying Scandal

Two days after Abramoff was sentenced, Tony Ruby, a former top DeLay aide, has agreed to plead guilty to fraud charges. It was widely believed that Rudy was “Staffer A” in the Abramoff plea agreement which stated that:

“on behalf of clients who wanted to stop Internet gambling and postal rate legislation, paid $50,000 in 10 equal monthly payments beginning in June 2000 to Rudy's wife while Rudy was a top aide to DeLay.”

Buried in the New York Times...

Buried deep in The New York Times story--21st paragraph, in fact--about the Senate approving lobbying legislation yesterday is the nugget of the story:

Shivers down congressional spines

I can't imagine many people in Washington will be happy to read this line in tomorrow's New York Times story about Jack Abramoff's sentencing hearing in Miami:



The judge agreed to the prison term, the minimum possible under sentencing guidelines, after prosecutors praised Mr. Abramoff for his cooperation in the Washington inquiry, which centers on accusations that he had tried to bribe public officials, including Republican lawmakers.


Two possible explanations

Norm Ornstein has a column in Roll Call (subscription only). With all the scandals involving former Tom DeLay staffers (Ed Buckham, Tony Rudy, Michael Scanlon -- who else?), you'd have to come up with one of two explanations for DeLay's role, according to Ornstein:


DeLay Wants His Gun

Tom DeLay wants his gun back, reports the Houston Chronicle. His concealed handgun, that is. His concealed handgun license was suspended because he is accused of a felony, thanks to a 1995 Texas law. DeLay's spokeswoman wouldn't say why DeLay had gotten a permit in the first place, or whether he's in the habit of packing one.


Abramoff and DeLay. More. Again.

It just keeps coming. Here's a good take from Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone on the Abramoff/DeLay Russian connection (excuse the language):