Tom DeLay

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DeLay's Money = Dirty Money

Campaign for America's Future is getting into the act. They're calling on candidates to return DeLay's political action committee contributions.

Take action here.

We have a problem, Houston: Daily DeLay T-Minus 14 days and counting

Daily DeLay T-Minus 14 Days and Counting
DeLay strong-armed PACs and special interest lobbyists

“If you want to play in our revolution, you have to live by our rules,” DeLay tells lobbyists. He has two lists of the 400 largest PACs, those who he deems friendly and those he deems unfriendly. “We’re just following the old adage of punish your enemies and reward your friends,” DeLay says.

"Values" TV ad on DeLay


DeLay refuses to debate

From the Galveston Daily News, via Off the Kuff: "DeLay won't debate opponent"

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Friday said that he would not debate Democratic challenger Richard Morrison before the Nov. 2 election.


District turning against DeLay

Associated Press: "Voters in DeLay's home town show mixed support"

Choice quote from a voter in the district:

"I think he ought to quit," said Amin Abdulla, 45, who owns an ice cream shop and who has voted for DeLay in the past. "I was in denial for the last year. But the reality is I'm disappointed to see how much he's abused power. He takes it for granted.

Houston Chronicle endorses DeLay's opponent

The Houston Chronicle endorsed Richard Morrison, Tom DeLay's challenger, on Friday.

From the editorial:

The Houston region and the entire country will be better off [without DeLay].