Trent Lott

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Which Washington For You?

Trent Lott is not alone in cashing in his Senate office chips for a seat at the lobbyist's high rollers table. As Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes in this column on the other Washington, many a lawmaker has heard the siren song of power and profit margins calling them away from public duty and accountability.

The recent lobbying overhaul bill which aims to break up the tight-clutch slow dance between Congress and corporate lobbyists has decades worth of growing lobbyist influence to overcome:

Oh Breaux-ther

There more fuel for the Trent Lott speculation fire. Rumors are circulating that when the Senator vacates his post he'll join former Democratic Senator Jon Breaux in forming something of a lobbying empire.

Breaux's been working at lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs but now he's leaving to form his own firm. His pedigree for lobbying on behalf of big money interests is impeccable:


And a shot of DeLay

Hanging out with Trent Lott. Lots in common there.

Who else will dare to be seen with him?

UPDATE: Yes, that's a sip of Bacardi, with vodka -- he was smiling!