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From a reader...

Sounds like the indicted former Majority Leader Tom DeLay and his attorneys have got to figure out a strategy, and soon. A Daily DeLay reader writes,


I posted earlier what Dan Balz of The Washington Post thought of former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's recent string of interviews. Now, not only do they appear to have been ill-advised, but also untrue.

Ignoring advice

David wrote earlier this morning about DeLay's choice of playing to the jury or playing to the public through the press. Dan Balz at The Washington Post has an interesting take on that...

DeLay's defense

The indicted Tom DeLay has a choice. Play to the jury, or play to the public. Think selfishly about his own hide, or try to staunch the political wound cut deep into the Washington establishment he helped to build.

It's clear that he's pursuing the latter.

DeLay Gets His Date in Court

The Associated Press is reporting that former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been ordered to appear in a Texas courtroom the third week in October.

"fingerprint and photographed"

The Associated Press has the story about what is next for DeLay, and those few words "fingerprinted and photographed" stuck in my head...

And here's the other passagethat made me think:

DeLay could go to trial in 90 days, which the defense said it favored. "We want a trial right away," DeGuerin said. "We want a trial by the end of the year."

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