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Judge finds against DeLay's TRMPAC

From Texans for Public Justice:

Court Ruling Finds TRMPAC Violated Texas Campaign Laws

(Austin, TX) In the first civil lawsuit alleging misuse of corporate money in the Texas 2002 state elections to go to trial, Travis County District Judge Joseph Hart today ruled that Tom DeLay's Texas political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC) violated Texas campaign law when it failed to disclose more than a half-million dollars in corporate contributions.

Decision imminent in TRMPAC case... stay tuned

From Craig McDonald at Texans for Public Justice:

Travis County District Judge Joseph Hart is releasing the ruling in the TRMPAC civil suit momentarily.

Tip of the Audit

Yesterday, Meghan blogged about Phil Shenon's New York Times piece on an audit of DeLay's leadership PAC, ARMPAC. When I saw the story my immediate reaction that DeLay and his handlers released the story early to take the sting out of the real news. The spin they put on it was that it involved the committee was "cleared" -- in fact that's the headline the Times put on the story.

Texas Observer exposes more evidence of the law-breakin' TRMPAC

Thanks to the folks at, here's a story to pass along:

The Texas Observer runs a piece today that gives us all more to chew on about DeLay's state political action committee, TRMPAC. They're reporting that more of the subpeonaed documents from the civil trial against TRMPAC officials show clear intent to use corporate donations for political purposes. Here's how the story begins:

Coincidence...maybe not.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Hance Scarborough Woodward & Weisbart LLP, the law firm that is defending TRMPAC in its civil case in Texas, also happens to be the firm of choice for former Abramoff client the Louisiana Coushattas. Partner Terry Scarborough is representing TRMPAC while former US Representative Kent Hance has taken on the Coushattas--after they dumped Abramoff and since the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee launched public hearings.

Some additional stories, commentaries on DeLay

An op-ed from Bill Press warns GOP that a train wreck is coming unless they get behind the wheel of the ethics process.

"Yes I raised money for them."

The Houston Chronicle also covers the DeLay reaction to the subpoenaed emails that surfaced in yesterday's New York Times story.

There are a handful of interesting things here, which should be picked up by enterprising journalists.

The first is these quotes from DeLay:

Who's came up with TRMPAC?

The Associated Press covers today's New York Times piece on the subpoenaed emails implicating DeLay, and adds in this curious response from the Majority Leader himself:

In Washington, DeLay said the civil case showed only that he took an interest in the committee he helped create.

DeLay responds to NYT

From the CongressDaily:

DeLay dismissed a report today in The New York Times that suggested he was more closely involved in the daily activities of TRMPAC, a state PAC he helped found to back state candidates. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't read The New York Times," he said.

Transcript. Now go watch.

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