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Tom DeLay Ad Featured On ABC's Nightline

Last night, ABC's Nightline used the ad Public Campaign Action Fund and Campaign for America's Future produced during their piece on Tom DeLay's resignation announcement. The ad Nightline used ran this past January in Tom DeLay's district.

Click here to watch it. It's also attached to this post (see "Attachment" below).

Here are the links to the full ad:

Watch it. (MPEG - 4.46 MB)

Fundraising spouses making commission. Isn't this something that is just plain wrong?

We all have heard about Tom DeLay's wife working for his foundation and former staffer's consulting firm, and his daughter working as a fundraiser for his PACs and congressional campaigns. But this one seems to take the cake:


Ronnie Earle's Day In Court

Today is the day that Ronnie Earle goes to court to try and get some of the charges against DeLay reinstated. We'll post as soon as we hear anything. For background read today’s AP story at  ABC News.

DeLay Legal Woes Affecting Campaign

The Houston Chronicle has a story on how  DeLay's ties to Abramoff,  Scanlon, and his own  indictments are hanging over him like a black cloud and how the scandals are affecting his campaign to retain his TX-22 seat.


DeLay Judge Throws Out Earle Subpoenas

A state appeals court yesterday threw out more than 30 subpoenas issued by Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle in the criminal case against Tom DeLay.

The court said that the subpoenas are null while the case is on hold. In December, the district court stayed the case, after Earle appealed a decision by Senior Judge Pat Priest to dismiss a conspiracy charge against DeLay.