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Writing Letters

The letters to the editor page is generally known as the second most read part of a newspaper. It is a good place to shape and frame a debate.

With the DeLay rule change focused primarily on the GOP selfishly moving to protect its own, and newspaper stories appearing in every major daily paper in the country, with opinion pieces along side, we have a golden opportunity to deepen public awareness of Tom DeLay and his corrupt pay-to-play politics.

House GOP votes to protect DeLay

From the Associated Press:

By a voice vote, and with a handful of lawmakers voicing opposition, the House Republican Conference decided that a party committee of several dozen members would review any felony indictment of a party leader and recommend at that time whether the leader should step aside.

Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet

Carl Hulse of the New York Times penned an article a few days back about DeLay. Here's how it starts:

As the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, celebrated his election victory in Texas Tuesday night, the theme song playing in the background had been selected by his aides to send a message: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."

I guess our work and the ethics committee charges did not go unnoticed.

Post-election day

I will be taking some time to evaluate what we accomplished, where we should be going, and how to get there. If anyone has feedback on these, please feel free to post a comment or email me at ddonnelly [at]

Here's my quick take on what we did:

Since being elected in 1984, Tom DeLay had never had a close race. Until now. On Tuesday, DeLay was re-elected with 55% of the vote. And he had to work hard to win. We should feel good about that.

"I've been attacked. I've been threatened."

Daily DeLay T-Minus 9 Days and Counting
DeLay's Allies Threatened Ethics Chairman

Twice over seven days, the House Ethics Committee rebuked House Majority Leader Tom DeLay for three separate ethics violations.

Tom DeFlu: Tone deaf or out of touch

Tom DeLay was among the members of Congress to receive a flu shot, even as the issue of shortages ripple across America as a health and political concern.

Setting aside the possible validity of DeLay's reasoning, that he is in contact with lots of others and needs to prevent himself from spreading the flu, does anyone else believe he is just tone deaf on this, or is he really just out-of-touch?

Quid. Pro. Quo. T-Minus 13 Days and Counting

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 13 Days and Counting
DeLay offered quid pro quo endorsement to son of Rep. Nick Smith in exchange for Smith’s vote on Medicare.

Earlier this month, Tom DeLay was reprimanded, rebuked, admonished, etc. by the House Ethics Committee for offering a political favor to Congressman Nick Smith (R-MI) in exchange for his support for Bush's Medicare plan.

The Ethics Committee wrote:

DeLay refuses to debate

From the Galveston Daily News, via Off the Kuff: "DeLay won't debate opponent"

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on Friday said that he would not debate Democratic challenger Richard Morrison before the Nov. 2 election.


District turning against DeLay

Associated Press: "Voters in DeLay's home town show mixed support"

Choice quote from a voter in the district:

"I think he ought to quit," said Amin Abdulla, 45, who owns an ice cream shop and who has voted for DeLay in the past. "I was in denial for the last year. But the reality is I'm disappointed to see how much he's abused power. He takes it for granted.