Voters First Pledge

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Nick's On The Road

Our Executive Director, Nick Nyhart, has packed his bags and a few copies of the Voters First Pledge and headed to New York for a few days to take part in activities organized by Citizen Action of New York's (CANY) Federal PAC to talk about the Voters First Pledge and make personal visits to candidates asking them to sign.


New Ad in Ohio

We've launched a new radio ad in Ohio asking all candidates seeking to replace disgraced Rep. Bob Ney to sign the Voters First Pledge to clean up Congress and put Ney's corrupt legacy behind them. Listen to the ad here.

More information on Polling and Voters First Pledge

Here is a section of the results from the polling we co-released with other reform organizations on Wednesday regarding the political impact of signing -- or not signing -- the Voters First Pledge.


On a generic ballot test between Candidate A, who has taken positions in line with the Republican Party, and Candidate B, who has taken positions in line with the Democratic Party, Candidate A has a 16 point lead:


Bipartisan Poll Shows Strong Support for Public Financing and Voters First Pledge





To: Interested Parties


From: Celinda Lake, David Mermin, and John Norris, Lake Research Partners; Christine Matthews, Bellwether Research


Subject: Recent National Survey on Campaign Finance Reform


Date: June 21, 2006