West Virginia

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Council of Churches on Clean Elections

Reverend Dennis Sparks of the West Virginia Council of Churches wants Clean Elections in his state, and he's pushing hard for what he calls a "Freedom Bill" to make it happen. Read more about his interest and involvement in the West Virginia effort to win full public financing of elections.

Sparks and the Council have been involved in this issue for many years:

The West Virginia Effort

Carol Warren and the West Virginia Citizens for Clean Elections are lobbying their legislature to implement a Clean Elections program for state legislative races. This story in the Charleston Gazette describes their efforts, steady progress toward victory, and the particular program they have outlined.

Firing Back

Wow, West Virginia's Charleston Daily Mail is becoming the latest sounding board for Clean Elections. Following a negative editorial on public financing we saw Carol Warren's editorial yesterday, now a letter from Craig Dunkerley of San Jose, CA in today's edition. The letter , which praises Clean Elections is available here (fourth down) and in it's entirety after the jump.


Public Financing a "true freedom bill"

The Reverend Dennis Sparks writes in the Charleston Gazette urging the West Virginia legislature to pass full public financing for the state's elections. Calling the Public Campaign Financing Act a "true freedom bill," Rev. Sparks cites the success in Arizona and Maine of public finanicng systems producing better accountability to citizens, and urges West Virginia to be a leader on this reform.