More DeLay Rule Updates

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We have more information on where five additional members stand on the DeLay Rule, and we have updated our database. Cass Ballenger of North Carolina, Amo Houghton of New York, and Nathan Deal of Georgia abstained from the vote, bring the number of members not voting to 36. One more member copped to voting for the DeLay Rule, Dave Weldon of Florida, and one more refuses to answer how he voted, Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania.

The most interesting replies come from the most interesting places though:

Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R-FL) must have voted on a butterfly ballot: Staffers have told callers alternately that they didn't know how their boss voted, that she voted for it, or that she refuses to say. Maybe she just refused to tell her staff that she voted for it so therefore they don't know. In any case, time for more calls to her office, please.

Almost as interesting are the replies forwarded to us from calls into Tom DeLay's offices. Some staffers say he voted for the change, others that he won't say how he voted. Still more callers have been told he abstained. That is the most likely of all scenarios, but just cause the Hammer didn't vote doesn't mean he didn't loom menacingly in the room.

More later.