BUGS CEO gets award from DeLay, a former exterminator

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I am not making this one up. Promise.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY), and the NRCC just awarded the 2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal Award to Robert Brehm, CEO of U.S. Microbics, Inc. (ticker symbol: BUGS) of Carlsbad, CA, according to a company release.

Brehm gave a few thousand dollars to the RNCC.

BUGS CEO Brehm gushed:

"I was pleased to be nominated and to receive this prestigious Ronald Reagan Gold Metal [sic] Award from the NRCC. I believe the Republican pro-growth, pro-job creation policies are steering America in the right direction, and that Americans can depend on Republicans to make economic decisions that will help the country become stronger in all areas including the environment. The President's proposed national energy policy includes initiatives to develop zero-emissions energy technologies and other sources of clean affordable energy as well as explore alternative cleanup technologies such as ours."

Brehm added, "The BUGS cleanup technology, delivered on a "pay for performance" basis, is well positioned to address the key national concern areas of MTBE (gasoline additive) and perchlorate (rocket fuel) cleanup in Brownfield areas and private sector arenas. With the economy improving, interest rates at record low levels and real estate prices accelerating, property cleanup efforts are increasing and our better, faster, cheaper and safer solutions are becoming a viable alternative to 1980's conventional technology. All of these factors encourage me to believe we have a bright future ahead of us." (emphasis added)

Okay, we could go off in lots of directions, like, for example, how hilarious is it that the ex-exterminator Tom DeLay gave this award to BUGS CEO Brehm? Or the idea that BUGS is "delivered on a pay for performance basis"... just like Congress, right? (Or that the company website is this URL.)

But the real interesting substantive issue here is this: DeLay virtually single-handedly held up the President’s energy bill last year because it didn’t limit MTBE liability. Now he is honoring a CEO of a company that promises that its solutions in cleaning up MTBE "are becoming a viable alternative to 1980's conventional technology." What gives? Is BUGS in line for massive clean up contracts if the energy bill goes through? What kind of bright future does the CEO envision, and why is he so confident?

There is definitely something here to research for those with a solid background in this issue. I will look some more, but if anyone has thoughts about this, let me know.