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Looking for likely contributors to the Texas cause, [Warren] Robold also turned to other former DeLay aides who were lobbying at other firms.

In an e-mail Sept. 4, 2002, Robold asked Drew Maloney, a former DeLay staffer now at the Federalist Group, for help: "What companies that you know of would be interested in Tort Reform in Texas with asbestos problems that might support TRMPAC?"

Maloney suggested Dow Chemical Co., Owens-Illinois Inc. and Halliburton Co., among others.

"I finally have the 2 checks from Reliant (Energy)," he added. "Will deliver to TD next week probably."

TD is Tom DeLay.

On Sept. 18, 2002, John Colyandro, the executive director of Texans for a Republican Majority, urged Ellis and Robold to encourage San Antonio lawyer James Jonas to finish phoning would-be donors for an event in that city.

"Please tell him how important he is," Colyandro wrote, "and how important this is to TD."

A month later, Robold, still needing $125,000 in corporate money, urged Harlan Crow, son of Dallas real estate mogul Trammell Crow, to donate: "On behalf of Congressman DeLay and the rest of the Texans for a Republican Majority team, we thank you for all that you can do."

Robold also suggested to Colyandro that he create a top 10 list of donors:

"I would then decide from response who Tom DeLay (and) others should call."