It's time for DeLay to go. Join us.

Public Campaign Action Fund is now Every Voice. Check out our new website:

Tom DeLay is a national embarrassment. It's time for DeLay to resign from Congress.

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund is launching a new campaign to force Tom DeLay to step down. His corrupt pay-to-play politics, complete disregard for any ethics guidelines, and power hungry brand of partisanship all leads us -- and we hope you -- to demand his resignation.

We have started this Without DeLay: Clean Up Congress Now campaign with an on-line petition, which we urge you to sign by clicking here. If anyone needs a refresher as to why DeLay must go, read our top ten reasons. (American Progress has a good list on their Think Progress blog, too.)

If you have a blog or a website, or you post to one, please consider writing about this campaign and linking to it with this link: We also have a blog ad available for downloading. See it on the left. Click here to download.

As this campaign unfolds, we will call upon members of Congress to heed this demand and join us in calling on DeLay to resign from Congress or step down from his leadership position. This campaign, after all, is about you and your ability to have your voice and your views matter more than big money in Congress.

This is not a campaign for the faint of heart. But few things worth winning are easy won. We will need your ideas, your input, your guidance, and your action.