Hot off the presses

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The stories are rolling in from this morning's press conference announcing Public Campaign Action Fund's launch of ads criticizing Tom DeLay.

The Associated Press explains how Public Campaign Action Fund chose Republican targets:

The Public Campaign Action Fund, a group that runs an anti-DeLay blog, bought $25,000 worth of air time for separate ads in the districts of House Ethics Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash.; Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-NY; and Rep. Rob Simmons, R-Conn.

David Donnelly, political director of the fund, said DeLay held a fund-raiser for Simmons. Reynolds sits on the House Administration Committee, which oversees campaign finance, and Hastings oversees the panel that is considering corruption allegations against DeLay. The fund´s ad exhorts the congressmen to "clean up Congress _ without DeLay."

Bloomberg reports that Public Campaign Action Fund's petition drive asking Tom DeLay to resign his seat in Congress has collected 20,000 signatures in the last two weeks. Knight Ridder quotes The Daily DeLay's David Donnelly saying that DeLay is "a walking scandal....It's time for him to go." National Journal's Congress Daily points out that the Public Campaign Action Fund's ads are part of a "first wave" of ads. Stay tuned for more...