The expenses charged to lobbyists' credit cards

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Gebe Martinez and Michael Hedges of the Houston Chronicle take a look at the actual expenses charged to the credit cards of two DeLay-friendly lobbyists:

• Business Class tickets for DeLay and his wife to London on Continental Airlines and British Airways: $6,938.70
• Golfing fees at St. Andrews: $5,000 per golfer, including DeLay.
• Deluxe room at the London Four Seasons Hotel: $790 a night for four nights.
• Private car from Heathrow airport to the hotel: $302.
• Six theater tickets: $434. (DeLay's attorney said the lawmaker did not recall attending the theater but the tickets were charged to his room)

• Getting caught: Priceless.

Sorry, that was predictable. What do you think ought to be the ending?