Ever Wonder How DeLay's Doing...in Pennsylvania?

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Bennett Roth of the Houston Chronicle has your answer.

"It just seems like you think they are going to do something and then they don't do it," Gordal, 79, said as she finished an early dinner at the High Street Diner in Pottstown, an hour outside of Philadelphia.

Amy Walters of the Cook Political Report said that, if asked to choose a district that is a bellweather for national opinion, it would be Pennsylvania's sixth Congressional district.

That doesn't bode well for Congress. The people that Roth interviewed in Pottstown expressed serious concerns over Congress' handling of Social Security and the war in Iraq, as well as a growing sense of impatience.

The town's representative in Congress, Jim Gerlach (R), has received $20,000 in campaign cash from DeLay's PAC, and in return has given $2,000 to DeLay's legal defense fund. Gerlach said he didn't think the ethics scandals surrounding DeLay would have an effect on his bid for re-election, but was quick to speculate that most people in his district "don't know who Tom DeLay is."