Ooohhh, Rush Says It was a Joke!

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Under the headline "Everyone falls for DeLay Rope-a-Dope," Rush Limbaugh explains that, you know, all that stuff Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay said yesterday about the budget being pared down, that was just a joke. That no one else got.

(You can see the story Rush is talking about in David's earlier posting.)

"So everywhere I've gone today, Republicans think DeLay's lost his mind...I was getting instant messages and flashed e-mails all morning, 'What's wrong with DeLay?'" Limbaugh said. "And I said, 'Absolutely nothing. DeLay is pulling a Rush Limbaugh on everybody here.' And let me explain it to you this way."

Apprently, Rush thinks that DeLay was speaking sarcastically; "it's a mock display of throwing up his arms in frustration."

Rush goes on to say he thinks it's "funny" and "fascinating how no one gets it."

Huh. Maybe he can explain the humor in what DeLay said to those boys in the Astrodome. Or that really funny time when DeLay called the response to Hurricane Katrina a "phenomenal accomplishment." Or how about those hysterical indictments of his PAC? The ethics violations - a RIOT!