PCAF Statement on DeLay Indictment

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Calls on DeLay to resign from Congress; Leaving leadership does not go far enough

Washington, DC – Public Campaign Action Fund, a nonpartisan watchdog group, called on Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to resign from Congress, not simply step down from his leadership post, following news of his indictment on a conspiracy charge by a grand jury in Texas. The reform group issued the following statement by its national campaigns director, David Donnelly:

“Some Americans might be tempted to cheer today, but let’s strip this down to its essence: We are witnessing an historic event. One of the most powerful politicians in America was indicted today because he conspired to subvert the democratic process – a conspiracy that used illegal corporate money to buy elections, and ultimately led to the disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of voters in Texas.

“We know that Tom DeLay must now resign from his leadership post. And that’s the result of intense public pressure on the Republican Congress to overturn a rule that was specially crafted last fall to protect DeLay in exactly this situation. But that’s not enough. He is a national embarrassment and a walking scandal.

“The former Majority Leader no longer deserves the privilege of serving in the House of Representatives. His colleagues should join our demand that he resign.”

Public Campaign Action Fund is a national, nonpartisan watchdog organization that has led the charge for greater accountability among House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and other corrupt members of Congress, and works to advance comprehensive campaign finance reform.

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