Hearing set for motion to move trial

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November 22nd.

Interesting admission:

The brief filed by DeLay's lawyers said the role he played in dividing the county into three congressional districts during the 2003 congressional redistricting battle had made him "unpopular" in Travis County. He called Austin "one of the last enclaves of the Democratic Party in Texas."

One of the last enclaves. Gotta believe that DeLay enjoyed approving that line in his brief. But does that mean that the corollary is true? That everywhere else is Republican? Will DeLay get a fairer hearing back home? With 42% of his district saying they want him to resign, according to a Survey USA poll, I'd be careful what I wished for if I were DeLay.

Here's one interesting analysis of Travis County, put out yesterday to counter DeLay's claims:

Meanwhile, the Democratic Lone Star Project put out a statement challenging DeLay's contention that Travis County is Democratic. The group said election returns for the past two presidential elections, past two U.S. Senate races and the 2002 governor's race show Travis County was more Democratic than Republican by a margin of two-tenths of one percent.