Gov-elect of Northern Marianas Islands cooperating with Abramoff/DeLay investigation

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Here's the headline:

CNMI: Fitial Will Cooperate With Feds In DeLay Probe

This is important on a lot of levels, but I'm still trying to sort them all out. The CNMI (Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands), you'll recall, is the U.S. protectorate in the Pacific with reported slave labor factories and forced/coerced prostitution. DeLay went there in the late 90s with Jack Abramoff, played golf, and toasted Casino Jack as a "close friend," while claiming that CNMI was the kind of "petri dish" of capitalism he could really support.

One of the main garment manufacturers is Tan Holdings, a slimy business by all accounts.

I have to refer back to some research documentation, by as I recall, Gov-elect Fitial was an executive at Tan Holdings, and was helped in his election to the CNMI's House speaker position by one Michael Scanlon and one Ed Buckham. Ever hear of them?

Where is this going? Hmmmm.