DeLay's Pre-Primary Report

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Tom DeLay had to file his pre-primary fundraising and expenses with the FEC.

What do you see of note?

Here are some interesting notes:

No media expenses I can tell.

DeLay spent $92.01 for pest control on 2/8/06. I guess those cockroaches follow him everywhere, like homing pigeons.

He spent $3895 on rent in January and February. That seems very high.

He spent about $14,000 on telemarketing. Is this a fundraising expense, or voter conact?

He bought a dataset -- targeted voters -- from the NRA. Is the $962.01 fair market value? And another $2900 to Texas Right to Life PAC for list expenses.

He paid $110,000 to McGuirreWoods for legal fees. Why not the legal defense fund for this expense?

He spent more than $16,000 on direct mail and thousands more in postage -- I guess that's the 8-page letter.