Circle The Wagons: DeLay and Lampson Will Vie For Seat

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DeLay was able to secure the GOP nod in TX-22 (he received 62% of the vote) but not by the margin expected from a sitting incumbent in a Republican leaning district. DeLay remains as vulnerable as people have been saying he is. Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said:

"DeLay will have to capture two-thirds of the vote in order to claim he's out of trouble."

DeLay came up just shy of that magic number and that's not good news for DeLay.

In 2004 Bush took 64% of the vote in DeLay's district while DeLay himself only got 55% and he was running against a weak Democratic challenger (not to mention that that election was pre-indictment and before the Abramoff scandal broke).

DeLay can celebrate today but he's going to have a fight on his hands in the coming months. With lower support, a cloud of controversy surrounding him, and something he hasn't seen in a long while, a well funded opponent with a bone to pick, DeLay will be fighting for his political life in the coming months.