Tell Katherine Harris elections aren't for sale. Period.

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We just sent this email (below the fold) out to our list of activists -- can you believe that Katherine Harris is trying to wash away her legacy with $10 million? Can you believe that she thinks people will forget that she abandoned the principle of oneperson, one vote in 2000? That  somehow spending $10 million makes it okay to have taken illegal campaign contributions. Our petition is here.

See the email:


Dear Member,

Florida Senate candidate Rep. Katherine Harris has just announced that she'll be pouring $10 million of her own money into trying to win her race.

As a former classmate of Harris's put it to me in an email,

"First she helped President George Bush steal an election. Now she's trying to buy one."

Tell Katherine Harris that, in America, elections shouldn't be for sale.

Besieged by questions surrounding illegal donations to her campaign from defense contractors who she tried to help, speculation has swirled around whether Harris would stay in this race. Her response came in the form of her $10 million commitment, made last night during an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News.

$10 million is a familiar sum to Harris. It's the same amount she requested from House leaders in tax dollars on behalf of MZM Inc., the defense contractors whose executive pled guilty to funneling illegal donations to Harris in exchange for her support.

Amazingly, she told FOX News she would make the campaign a "referendum on reform and ethics."

Okay, she asked for a referendum and a referendum she shall receive.

Tell Katherine Harris you don't view buying an election as real reform. Tell her she can't buy herself a clean slate on reform and ethics.

Sign our petition today.