Two Places At Once: PA and IN Get Visits From Bush Today

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A few more stories on the Bush White House’s cross country fundraising efforts on behalf of congressional candidates in tight races.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Bush is “making a private push for Santorum.” Bush has made two trips to Pennsylvania  so far this year and Santorum is expecting to raise $500,000 for the event that he’ll be having in Sewickly Heights, PA tonight. The event is expected to draw 500 people at $1,000 a head and, to no surprise, the press will not be allowed to cover it.


And in a similar article in the Indianapolis Star, freshman Rep. Mike Sodrel of Indiana is expecting to raise $500,000 at a fundraiser tonight that will feature a visit from President Bush.


“Tickets to Friday's event at the Murat Centre in Indianapolis start at $1,000, but guests can pay more to attend a VIP reception or business roundtable -- leading Republicans to believe they will take in at least $500,000.”


Sodrel and the GOP are willing to risk the publicity from the president’s visit because the value of the campaign cash is too rewarding.