Two possible explanations

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Norm Ornstein has a column in Roll Call (subscription only). With all the scandals involving former Tom DeLay staffers (Ed Buckham, Tony Rudy, Michael Scanlon -- who else?), you'd have to come up with one of two explanations for DeLay's role, according to Ornstein:


Read these stories, along with the tales of Michael Scanlon, the former DeLay communications director and Abramoff crony who negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors, and reflect on what they all tell us about Tom DeLay. There are two possible explanations. One is that he is the most naive man ever to serve in Congress or any political office: Right under his nose, his closest and most trusted employees were running schemes to enrich themselves, subvert his office and repeatedly abuse his trust over many years. The second is that he knew what was going on, and saw their efforts as a nice way to enrich his friends, employees and family while helping accomplish his political goals. 


Who's betting on the latter?


One thing Ornstein misses: Christine DeLay, the former Majority Leader's wife, also benefited from Abramoff's largesse, via Buckham.