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Public Campaign Action Fund was part of a multi-organization press conference yesterday to talk about the DeLay resignation. Below are links to the stories stemming from the press call (David is quoted in a few):


Austin American-Statesman


"Tom DeLay lived by the sword, and Tom DeLay died by the sword," David Donnelly, campaign director of the watchdog group Public Campaign Action Fund, said Tuesday after DeLay announced he would leave Congress in June and not seek re-election to a 12th term in the House.


Knight-Ridder (syndicated nationwide)


Case in point: Republicans, with heavy contributions from the pharmaceutical firms, passed the Medicare drug prescription law - which explicitly bars the federal government from buying drugs in bulk and thereby saving seniors a lot of money. David Donnelly of the Public Campaign Action Fund contended Tuesday that making these links could be "combustible" in November.


Scripps Howard News Service (syndicated)

Boston Globe

DeLay's money machine flowed to House members across the country, and his ''K Street Project" of pressing lobbyists to hire Republicans has left him with many close allies in Washington, said David Donnelly, campaign director of the Public Campaign Action Fund, a nonpartisan group that works to reduce the influence of money on politics.


''I don't think you can simply remove DeLay from the picture and somehow have corruption removed from the equation," Donnelly said. ''Corruption in Congress goes beyond one man."

Houston Chronicle (news)


Houston Chronicle (Cragg Hines column)


Cleveland Plain Dealer


San Antonio Express-News


Washington Times


Globe and Mail

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