DeLay's Wilkes Problem

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Defense contractor Brent Wilkes didn't just bribe former Rep. Duke Cunningham with gifts and prostitutes. He courted then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay like nobody's business.


Wilkes, who has been implicated in arranging for prostitutes for Cunningham as well as bribing the former congressman, has a series of connections to former Majority Leader Tom DeLay that should make us all wonder. He "leased a jet and took [DeLay] to three states on a golfing vacation." They went from "Torrey Pines to Bighorn Country Club in Palm Desert to the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades" on the three-day tour, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.


Wilkes also flew DeLay to a fundraiser in Sin City for Rep. John Doolitte, where DeLay was the chief attraction. Doolittle is assumed to be under investigation for both his connections to Jack Abramoff and Wilkes. Why Las Vegas for a fundraiser featuring a congressman from Texas and benefiting a congressman from Sacramento? Las Vegas "is a place that our target audience, namely these $5,000 donors, would like to go," commented Doolittle to the Sacramento Bee.


And then there's the money. Lots. Wilkes or companies under his control gave $45,000 to ARMPAC (DeLay's federal political action committee), $15,000 to TRMPAC (DeLay's state political action committee, for which he allegedly laundered money), and $10,000 DeLay's Foundation for Kids.


Inquiring minds want to know more.


[Thanks to reader B for the tips.]