Collection of Corruption

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On the front page of today's Washington Post: will the growing collection of scandals in which their members are involved cost Republicans the House?


While Democrats like Reps. William Jefferson (LA) and Alan Mollohan (WV) are mired in corruption investigations of their own, its Republicans who bear the weight of the scandal albatross. From Duke Cunningham, whose sordid web of defense contractors and bribery menus has ensnared Senate candidate Katherine Harris, and House Appropriations Chair Jerry Lewis, among others - to Jack Abramoff whose stain of influence-peddling has marked indicted Rep. Bob Ney, former Rep. Tom DeLay, Senator Conrad Burns, Reps. John Doolittle and Richard Pombo and many more besides - the stench of corruption grows all the more pervasive.


If anything the sheer diversity of corruption in display in this Congress from both sides of the aisle gives ample evidence that systemic change is in order. Putting aside the old canard that all politicians are crooks, this is ridiculous.