Federal Opening

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David Sirota, author of Hostile Takeover, writes on TomPaine.com that now is the moment to push for full public financing of federal campaigns. There are encouraging circumstances - and some roadblocks, of course - that could make the legacy of the 2006 elections an end the legalized bribery masquerading as our campaign finance system.


Sirota cites our work, as well as that of organizations like Common Cause, in advocating the public financing model currently at work in states like Maine and Arizona and also points to recent indications of support from prominent figures like Illinois Senator Barack Obama. He concludes with a call to the grassroots: if we win public financing it will be because people rally around it and turn statements of support for the policy into action.


Over at Huffington Post, Sirota asks whether public financing will be the next cause of the "netroots" - grassroots activists who engage in online activities like blogging to bring about change. What do you think?