Friends in High Places

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Here's a little piece of pay-to-play to take you into the weekend - more from the annals of Jack Abramoff, this time an email from an associate at his lobbying firm hitting up coworkers for donations to a very friendly Senator, Thad Cochran (R-MS) to stay in his good graces. TPMmuckraker has the email and the background - it doesn't get a whole lot more clear cut that this. Money goes in, favors go out.


Abramoff held a multi-million dollar contract representing the Mississippi Choctaw Indians, who were counting on a homestate ally in Senator Cochran, and Abramoff and his fellow lobbyist Todd Boulanger knew how the game was played. In order to keep making millions from the Choctaw, they had to keep up friendly relations with Cochran, and what better way than shuttling a total of $69,000 to the Senator's re-election committees?