Gov. Spitzer Supports Public Financing

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In his "State of the State" address today, newly elected New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D) outlined his plans to clean up Albany and improve the state's campaign finance goals, with the ultimate goal being full public financing of elections. Read the statement from our sister organization, Public Campaign, on Spitzer's annoucement here.


Spitzer spoke of his pursuit of stronger campaign finance laws for the state, and made clear his goal: “But reform will not be complete if we simply address the supply of contributions. We must also address the demand. Full public financing must be the ultimate goal of our reform effort. By cutting off the demand for private money, we will cut off the special-interest influence that comes with it.” Check here for the full text of the speech.


Spitzer is the third governor in as many weeks to come out in favor of public financing, joining New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (D) and Washington Governor Christine Gregoire (D).