Letter from Maryland

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Here's another great example of a letter to the editor in support of Clean Elections -- this one appears in the Business Gazette in support of the public financing bills being considered by the Maryland legislature. Writing to your local paper is a great way to get the word out about Clean Elections and we have a tool that makes it easier than ever! Take a few minutes to write one yourself!


Here's the full text of the letter, from Richard L. Strombotne of Gaithersburg, Maryland:


Do you know that the share of state and local taxes paid by business is lower in Maryland than in all but two states? Maryland is facing a structural deficit in funding over the next several years but we hardly ever see the point made that business is not pulling its weight in Maryland. Why is that?

Did you know that most of the contributions to political campaigns for General Assembly offices come from for-profit organizations? Do you think there could be a connection between the source of campaign contributions and how legislators vote?

Do you know that two states, Maine and Arizona, have had systems of public financing of election campaigns for candidates for their legislatures for years and that those systems are working well? The Maryland General Assembly is now considering legislation to put a similar system in place here.

If you want to have a level playing field for citizens to advocate for legislation for the public good, then ask your state senator and delegates to support this legislation. The bill numbers are SB546 and HB731. You can call the General Assembly toll-free at 1-800-492-7122.