Big Money Mitch

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The commercial banking and credit card industry has no better friend in Congress than Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). They've given him $535,000 in campaign contributions, and he's given them legislation that boosts their profit margins and makes life harder for Americans struggling to get out of debt. So, we're rolling out a campaign to put McConnell on notice, and hope you'll join us: he needs to put the interests of voters ahead of his biggest campaign contributors.


McConnell's love of the money chase is legendary, and his bald-faced adherence to the will of his biggest contributors is matched only by his fierce opposition to any kind of campaign finance reform that would reduce the influence of big money.


Yesterday, we released this report detailing the mutually beneficial relationship McConnell has cultivated with credit card companies and commercial banks, and the damaging policy that has emerged from that relationship. This is the first in a series of reports that will chronicle McConnell's favors to big money.


Today, Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly and Generation Debt author Anya Kamenetz co-author this editorial in Kentucky's Courier Journal distilling the major points of the report and emphasized the particularly damaging effects recent bankruptcy bills (favored by the banks and championed by McConnell) have had on college students who sink further and further into debt with each passing year.


The Courier Journal, meanwhile, pulls no punches in its editorial criticizing McConnell as a "legendary money grubber" whose "political career has been based on the primacy of money, and the desires of those who give it" even as he flatly refuses to represent the will of his constituents when he heads to Washington.


McConnell is one of the worst abusers of the modern pay-to-play system of politics, and he needs to hear it's time for him to stop bending to the will of big money and start standing up for the people he represents. Be sure and add your name to the list of people putting McConnell on notice.


And, if you happen to be in the Louisville, Kentucky area this evening, consider joining a group of other concerned citizens to protest McConnell's pay to play politics at a $2,000-a-plate fundraiser, hosted by President Bush, at the Seelbach Hotel. The event begins at 5:30PM.