Getting Under McConnell's Skin?

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The Courier-Journal in Louisville penned this editorial Friday, the day of McConnell's $2.1 million fundraiser with President Bush, saying Big Money Mitch's "political career has been based on the primacy of money" and this:


He long ago became one of the legendary money grubbers in modern American politics, in order to buy TV time for commercials that demean, disgrace and ultimately defeat his opponents.


Today, McConnell responds with a letter to the editor in response:


I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the personal attacks in The Courier-Journal's recent editorial ("Cash over conscience," March 2). Loaded with venom and invective, it read less like a newspaper whose views I can respect even when I disagree, and more like a political opponent's blog.




The Courier-Journal is free to like or dislike me or President Bush. But it's a low blow to impugn my motives for standing with the President to be some "fealty to the moneyed interests."


Poor Mitch. I guess it's okay to run ads that "demean [and] disgrace" opponents, but not okay to point out his "fealty to the moneyed interests"?