First Thing We Do, Let's Fire All The Lawyers

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez has admitted that the Department of Justice gave false information to Congress about the firings of eight US Attorneys, many involved in public corruption investigations. Emails have emerged showing extensive conversations between the White House and the Justice Department over who was let go. Turns out, White House Council Harriet Miers wanted to fire every single US Attorney - 93 in all - in 2004.

Emails between Miers and Department of Justice Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson (who just resigned) reveal a two-year negotiation to "push out" US Attorneys who they felt "chafed against Administration initiatives." Several of the dismissed attorneys have said they felt pressured by Republicans to pursue a number of voter fraud investigations involving Democrats. Others, like Carol Lam who put former Rep. Duke Cunningham behind bars, were involved in corruption investigations involving Republican lawmakers.

So, asks TPM Muckraker, if the DOJ wasn't telling the truth about contact with the White House, what else might they have been less than truthful about?

U.S. Attorneys serve a valuable role in holding our elected officials accountable for corrupt activities -- they shouldn't be used as political pawns to serve a partisan agenda. It's time for the truth, and nothing but the truth, about why they were let go.