Letter 'Rip!

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Wahoo! Public Campaign Action Fund members are tearing up the letters to the editor pages -- just today, three of you had letters published about Clean Elections! Read on to see what your fellow activists are writing.


First up, Robert Ziegel writes in the Nashua Telegraph about the Fair Elections Now Act in the Senate, and companion efforts in the House, to bring public financing to Congress, urging voters to tell Congress its time for public financing of campaigns:

If we fund the campaigns of all legitimate candidates for Congress (House and Senate) and the presidency, our leaders and lawmakers would be free to make decisions that were good for the country and the people, not simply the rich and the corporations who buy influence with campaign contributions, and they would be able to devote full time to their jobs, instead of spending what some estimate is up to half of their time fundraising.

Steven Salo writes in the Eureka Times-Standard that even if the Fair Elections Now Act seems to good to be true, it's something we all need to work for if we want to put power in the hands of voters.

Finally, Patrick Bosold contributes this letter to the Des Moines Register on the efforts to win full public financing of elections in Iowa -- the Voter Owned Clean Elections Iowa bill -- urging the House and Senate to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

Thanks to all of you writing letters out there -- they really get the word out. If you want to write your own letter to the editor, you can use our tool here to do it!