Mitch on the Money Trail

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Well, well. Sen. Mitch McConnell (aka Big Money Mitch) perhaps the most ardent opponent of any kind of campaign finance reform in Congress is out there breaking fundraising records for his 2008 re-election bid. Eighteen months out from election day and he's already got $6 million in his campaign war chest. In response, Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly issued this statement:


“Mitch McConnell’s fundraising totals are not a sign of strength of his candidacy, but the ultimate sign of what’s wrong with politics today. There is no better example in today’s Senate of money-for-favors than McConnell.

“Over his career in Congress, McConnell has raised close to half a million dollars from mortgage lenders and commercial banks at a time when the sub-prime market is crashing and foreclosures are at record highs. Where was the congressional oversight?

“As the debate on global warming has heated up, it’s instructive to see that McConnell has taken more than $750,000 in campaign contributions from the oil industry and auto manufacturers. He’s been on the side of oil companies and their record profits, while evidence of the growing crisis mounts.

“McConnell hasn’t met a lobbyist’s check he hasn’t liked, raising an astounding $350,000 from registered influence-peddlers through 2006. How much more has he squeezed from them in this first quarter? What is he promising in return?

“It’s time that Mitch McConnell’s fundraising be seen for what it really is: a high-stakes, influence-selling game played by only those who can afford to buy – and sell – access. It’s not a sign of electoral strength. It’s a sign of how McConnell perpetuates a system that places our government up for sale.”