Another Chance for California

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Trent Lange of the California Clean Money Action Fund writes at California Progress Report about the resurgence of AB 583, the California Clean Elections bill sponsored by Assemblymember Loni Hancock which has passed through the Assembly Elections Committee and will now to the Appropriations Committee.


Quick to point out the distinctions between AB 583, which has been introduced in previous cycles, and Proposition 89, the unsuccessful 2006 public financing ballot initiative, Lange outlines the benefits to candidates and voters alike under a Clean Elections system, including more contested races, provisions to counter independent expenditures and a qualifying procedure to ensure candidates who receive public funding have wide public support.


The challenge in California has been and will continue to be mounting a public education campaign in such a large state -- be it to turn out votes for a ballot initiative or compel voters to call their legislators in support of a bill, its quite a task. However, as Lange mentions most Californians believe special interests wield too much power in Sacramento so its a receptive audience for spreading the word about Clean Elections and how it could improve politics in the state.